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        What's in your pouch?

        What's in your pouch?

        A pouch is the perfect place to keep on-the-go essentials.

        Of course, each of us may have a different idea of what an essential is. LOL

        Here’s a quick list:

        • Snacks
        • Gum
        • Pen/Notebook
        • Makeup
        • Wallet
        • Sunglasses
        • Business Cards
        • Medication
        • Phone Chargers/Cords
        • Wipes

         This is the beauty of the pouch; to organize your purse and categorize your essentials.

        You can also use a pouch as a wristlet.  Just grab your phone, wallet, lipgloss, sunglasses, keys and it’s off to the market or out for a quick coffee.

         Pouches are even more useful for travel. Here are more useful suggestions: jewelry, passport and important papers, first aid kit, sewing kit, stationary, feminine products, makeup, small toys, gym supplies, hair care, beach supplies or just mix it all up.

        It’s so easy to quickly find something when your purse is organized and this definitely helps with stress relief.  You’re not digging and rummaging in the bottomless pit, which we would all try to avoid. 

        I think we all know getting organized is easy, staying organized requires discipline.

        What’s in your pouch? Will I find some chocolate? I’d love to hear.

        xoxo cheri

        Embrace a slower pace.

        Embrace a slower pace.

        “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” –Charles Haddon Spurgeon

        This quote always makes me aware of the importance of slowing down.

        Carl Honoré , author of In Praise of Slowness: How A Worldwide Movement Is Challenging the Cult of Speed writes such a beautiful description of what that really means.

        He says, "I think of slow [living] as more of a mindset than anything else. It's quality over quantity. It's doing things with presence, being in the moment. Ultimately, it's about doing everything as well as possible instead of as fast as possible."

        Slow living is a lifestyle of stepping back and being more mindful of how you spend your time and asking yourself, “What is really important?”

        "We're racing through our lives instead of actually living them," says Honoré.

        Personally, I can tell when I’ve hit the wall so to speak. It’s time to take off my shoes, spend some quiet time outside with my dogs. Put away the phone, the laptop, or any other distractions and just enjoy nature.  Listen to the birds and listen to myself breathe. 

        Living a fast-paced lifestyle will eventually begin to take a toll; so take some time to pause, reflect and recharge.

        “Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

        Wherever your summer takes you!

        Wherever your summer takes you!

        Beach bags can be a chic way to carry all your belongings.

        Here are 5 things I like to consider when looking for a beach tote:

        1. It has to have an eye-catching style that will be the talk of the beach.
        2. Will it hold all the essentials; towel, water, book, sunscreen, hat, and cover up.
        3. A tote needs to be multi-purpose. Great for errands, shopping, the gym, the list goes on.
        4. The perfect tote is easy to fold up and store in the car or easily fits in a suitcase.
        5. Size matters; it can’t be too big and must sit comfortably on your shoulder.

        The key is to find a bag that makes it fun to carry your stuff to and from the shore.

        You can find this amazing Belle Isle Tote by clicking on the link below:

        You’ll want to carry it this tote around all summer long, even when you’re not combing the shore the perfect seashell.

        Don't worry, beach happy!!!

        Stripes make me smile.

        Stripes make me smile.

        Striped t-shirts are my forever favorite. I always feel fun and fresh when I wear them. They're so versatile; you can wear them all year round and they look great at home or at the office.

        I’ve often wondered why it’s the first thing I choose when I don’t know what to wear.

        Here’s a little insight into why we always like to wear certain items.

        Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, has a theory called “Repetitious Wardrobe Complex”.

        Repetitious Wardrobe Complex: when someone wears the same outfit to minimize anxiety.

        Karen explains that fashion dependencies can begin in childhood, "Whether it’s your favorite color or whatever, it's [always] something significant that’s etched in your memory that gives you a visceral reaction."

        She gives us this simple exercise helps us explore our reason for picking the same pattern every time.

        "Before your feet touch the ground [each morning], determine what mood you’re in and what mood you want to be in, and when you go to your closet ask yourself, 'Am I going to wear stripes today because I’m in this particular mood? Or non-stripes today because I’m in this [other] mood?'" 

        Karen explains that there are emotional reasons behind our wardrobe choices.

        1. Mood Illustration: This means you indicate your feelings with your clothing.
        2. Mood Enhancement Dress: This signal that you are dressing in a way to lift your spirits.

        Karen says, "You’re actually using the stripes subconsciously to empower yourself." 

        People who like stripes have interesting personality traits. Karen has found that they are good at multitasking, having a lot going on in their lives and wear many hats. They can get overwhelmed but it’s also indicative of some who works well under pressure.

        So, wearing stripes says I’m a go-getter, I love a playful approach to pattern and I believe in myself.

        The patterns we choose shed a light on our personality.

        What’s your go-to pattern?

        What is it about boots?

        What is it about boots?

        When we think about fashion staples; boots are always on the list.

        There are so many to choose from; ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee boots, over the knee boots, combat boots, winter boots, rain boots, etc. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but you can tell by this photo that I love boots!!

         Why do we love boots so much?

        7 reason why boots are the best accessory: 

        1. They make you look taller and you’ll carry yourself with confidence.
        2. There a so many styles, colors and materials; you can definitely find a pair to suit your style.
        3. They go with anything and work well with a wide range of outfits.
        4. Boots have dual purpose. Perfect for bad weather and perfect on a sunny day.
        5. They can be the star of the show - the centerpiece of your outfit.
        6. Putting on a pair of boots makes you feel different; like you’re ready to tackle anything.
        7. Boots are a serious mood booster. 

        Boots tell a story about you; play it up and add some drama to your outfit. We all need to have at least one pair of attitude boots.

         I think I need more boots!!!!!

        Who’s with me? xoxo cheri