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      News — updates

      Making masks

      Making masks

      I never thought I could sew 450 masks. Most of the masks have been donated. I give them out to friends, neighbors, my vet, my pastors, my UPS driver, the ladies at the post office, family members, anywhere I see someone in need of one. It's the least I can do. When I make them I pray over them and ask God to bless and protect the person wearing it.

      If I can get someone to smile and let them know that we care, it truly is better to give than receive. 

      The Launch

      The Launch

      My first blog post.

      I love totes!

      Why are they so popular?
      • They are easy to carry.
      • They help you stay organized.
      • They are comfortable.
      • THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON….they enhance your style.

      When I design a bag, I always consider where you’re going, what you’ll be wearing and what you’ll bring along. I envision the whole scenario; not just the tote. Each bag has it’s own special story. You give the bag life with your story and your unique style.

      “Make every day a new opportunity to change your bag, it may change your life.”

       Enjoy your tote and enjoy your day. Cheri