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        The Sunny Side of Life

        The Sunny Side of Life

        “Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.” — Jeffrey Glassberg

        Butterflies are said to symbolize feelings of freedom, beauty, joy, love, femininity and transformation.

        I love the power of transformation. Transformation comes from growing, learning and changing.

        Buckminster Fuller said, ““There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

        The butterfly shows us it takes time to change and the end looks gloriously different from the beginning.

        Love yourself in the process, enjoy your life, surround yourself with people who love you and celebrate even the smallest change.

        Whenever you need inspiration, just look at the butterfly. The butterfly cannot see the beauty of their own wings, but it’s still there.

        It’s time for you to take flight, and let others see the beauty in you.

        What if the change you are avoiding is the one that gives you wings!

        What's in your pouch?

        What's in your pouch?

        A pouch is the perfect place to keep on-the-go essentials.

        Of course, each of us may have a different idea of what an essential is. LOL

        Here’s a quick list:

        • Snacks
        • Gum
        • Pen/Notebook
        • Makeup
        • Wallet
        • Sunglasses
        • Business Cards
        • Medication
        • Phone Chargers/Cords
        • Wipes

         This is the beauty of the pouch; to organize your purse and categorize your essentials.

        You can also use a pouch as a wristlet.  Just grab your phone, wallet, lipgloss, sunglasses, keys and it’s off to the market or out for a quick coffee.

         Pouches are even more useful for travel. Here are more useful suggestions: jewelry, passport and important papers, first aid kit, sewing kit, stationary, feminine products, makeup, small toys, gym supplies, hair care, beach supplies or just mix it all up.

        It’s so easy to quickly find something when your purse is organized and this definitely helps with stress relief.  You’re not digging and rummaging in the bottomless pit, which we would all try to avoid. 

        I think we all know getting organized is easy, staying organized requires discipline.

        What’s in your pouch? Will I find some chocolate? I’d love to hear.

        xoxo cheri

        Stripes make me smile.

        Stripes make me smile.

        Striped t-shirts are my forever favorite. I always feel fun and fresh when I wear them. They're so versatile; you can wear them all year round and they look great at home or at the office.

        I’ve often wondered why it’s the first thing I choose when I don’t know what to wear.

        Here’s a little insight into why we always like to wear certain items.

        Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, has a theory called “Repetitious Wardrobe Complex”.

        Repetitious Wardrobe Complex: when someone wears the same outfit to minimize anxiety.

        Karen explains that fashion dependencies can begin in childhood, "Whether it’s your favorite color or whatever, it's [always] something significant that’s etched in your memory that gives you a visceral reaction."

        She gives us this simple exercise helps us explore our reason for picking the same pattern every time.

        "Before your feet touch the ground [each morning], determine what mood you’re in and what mood you want to be in, and when you go to your closet ask yourself, 'Am I going to wear stripes today because I’m in this particular mood? Or non-stripes today because I’m in this [other] mood?'" 

        Karen explains that there are emotional reasons behind our wardrobe choices.

        1. Mood Illustration: This means you indicate your feelings with your clothing.
        2. Mood Enhancement Dress: This signal that you are dressing in a way to lift your spirits.

        Karen says, "You’re actually using the stripes subconsciously to empower yourself." 

        People who like stripes have interesting personality traits. Karen has found that they are good at multitasking, having a lot going on in their lives and wear many hats. They can get overwhelmed but it’s also indicative of some who works well under pressure.

        So, wearing stripes says I’m a go-getter, I love a playful approach to pattern and I believe in myself.

        The patterns we choose shed a light on our personality.

        What’s your go-to pattern?